October 30, 2007

Falling for Fall

If anyone wants to know how to jump start a Toyota Prius email me. Not only was I watching Moms pooches for a couple of weeks but I was suppost to drive the car. Ok, so I thought that it was no big deal not to even start it for a week and a half. WRONG!
So after I called the dealership and got passed around to a couple of people. I was finally talking to a guy in the shop. He was great walked me throught it step by step - FYI the battery is in the trunk and the trunk has an auto lock when the power is dead. Then he said that I need to actually drive the car for awhile to charge the battery. No more just jump starting and just letting it run.
I decided to load the pooches up and take some fall pictures. I have to say it was fun to drive around for over an hour and not even use 1/8 tank of gas.

October 18, 2007

is 5 dogs to many?

As many may know I have been puppy sitting so my house is quite full..5 dogs and 4 disgruntled cats. Ok, so maybe I have finally realized just how many animals I can handle at one time but that is a personal thing.

What I have come to realize is that if you are on the greenway or in your car - say at a drive thru- people can not seem to help themselves from making some sort of comment. "Wow, how many do you have in there?" " Are those all yours?" " Do you really have 5 in there?" You get the idea.

All of this has made me want to do one of two things. One- call all of my friend with small dogs, ask them to let me borrow their dog for a day, then drive around and go to the greenway (at say 5:45pm). Just to see how many stares and comments I can get. Two- Ask each one of the people who has made a comment if they would actually say to a mother with 5 human children in the car.

lovely sister #2 will be here in a few weeks with her movie camera, so I may just have to go with option one.

Maybe I should just look at them and say "Hey, this is nothing. I used to drive around with around 3 hundred pounds of dog -3 Rotties- in my Jeep. "

October 15, 2007

Feels like fall

Evan though we have not had our first frost it is really feeling like fall. All the 4 legged kids are feeling it too. I actually had the heat on the other night.
It was a great weekend to be in the yard doing all the cleanup for the year. On Saturday I thought I'd run over and recycle some paint cans, on the way I say a sign I could not resist- 3 family yard sale. Now, I don't consider my self a garage sale junkie but I do like to see what they have. This time I hit paydirt. I found a HUGE composter..with turning crank and stand and they would deliver it too me!!

October 9, 2007

Bird with a view

Well, It has been awhile since I have been here. Sometimes work just gets in the way of life. Moms has gone on vacation out west and left me with the whole show to run and a gaggle of pups to watch. Yes, I did say gaggle. When you have 5 dogs all under the age of 6 (three of them about 3 and 1 only a year old) and weighing from 5 lb to 16lb, I just can't consider them a pack. Well, my kitties may consider them a pack..a pack of mess! Smokey Joe got a good smack from Indy when he decided he was going to push Indy out of the food bowl he was eating from. Smokey has not tried that again, now he just sits there waiting for Indy to finish and helpfully cleans up any crumbs that are left. He has also learned that kitties do not like it when he walks up behind them and licks there bottoms.

I have confess that last night I did something I really never thought I would do...I forgot Lacey in the car.. Well, Lacey is moms new little shitzu/mix girl and she is a bit scared to get in and out of the car so I have to lift her. When we got home last night it was late and I was really looking forward to the focaccia that I had picked up earlier from Stick Boy, so when the other 4 jumped out of the car running to bark at a tree, I just grabbed the bag and walked into the house. About an hour later I was looking all over for Lacey, calling and calling. I felt like a worm terd when I looked over at the car and there she was sitting in the car seat just waiting for me to lift her out.

Fall has finally started to come on the mountains and hopefully we won't have that first hard frost until the trees have had a chance to put on their show. I was over in Trade, TN the other day and on the way back Snake Mtn. was just beautiful. Trees with their bright fall color at the top bleeding down into a deep green at the bottom. My fingers were just itching for my camera which I had left at home. uggg!

The photo above was taken on Junaluska Rd about a week ago. I tried for the photo of him/her landing but it is just a bit fuzzy. Makes me think of the song that goes..."I can see for miles and miles..."