September 26, 2008

Feeling like fall

I took this photo on Monday but have just had the time to look at it. I love the way the mountain seems to float in a sea of mist. This is one of the best times to get good long valley shots up here. The humidity is usually down - today excluded- and most of the hayes is gone.

Mom and I went to Grandfather Mountain a couple weeks ago to a photo seminar and I had a chance to see some of my favorite animals - Otters! I am completely envious of the sleek way they move through the water, how they seem to always be entertaining each other - and any one who happens to be watching. Even in captivity they seem ...I want to say content but I am not sure that is the it.

September 12, 2008

Summer is ending

Well, summer is slowly winding down, a feeling of fall is in the morning air and I seem to have taken a long hiatus from writing (although I have been reading others). I had family visiting, which has just been a whole lot of fun. D & M had a place up in Fleetwood Falls for 2 weeks. Lovely Sister #2 was even here for a week! Having them all so close was great. We got together for meals, both at D & M’s rental and at Shatly Springs. If you have never been to Shatly springs, in Ashe County NC, then you should really try to make it. You have two choices when you get there, order a la cart or go family style. I suggest you go family style. You get fried chicken, ham, biscuits, mashed taters, 2 gravies, stewed apples, at least 2 other veggies and if you still have room dessert. If you can manage to finish the first round they will bring a second! Then, if you can walk, you can take a stroll around the trout pond and sample the healing mineral waters. – If you go on a weekend be prepared to wait to be seated.

I have been busy both in the kitchen and garden the last couple of weeks. I canned some salsa with maters, onions and hot peppers out of my garden. It was a new recipe and I am not sure I like it. Hope it grows on me as I have around a dozen pints left.

They say you should not plant more then zucchini plants then you have people in the house. At my place we have truly had our fill of all this wonderful fresh zucchini – fried, stewed, muffins, bread, in soup… You get the idea. I think that our plants are finally reaching the end.

I don’t usually get into politics here but, well, it is that time. I won’t actually talk about the candidates – even though those who know me know I am very clear on where I stand. – I just want to bring this little song to attention, first recorded in 2006 it is still very relevant.. Don't Be Afraid of the Neo-Cons by Norman and Nancy Blake. I heard this first on WETS 89.5fm - ETSUs public radio station and liked it so much I just had to find a copy to download for myself. Ok, my folks were just a little bit on the hippy side during the 60s and I do know a good folksy/ old-time/ activist song. (No, I don’t think I am being biased, really ;-) )

Here is a link to the actual song and if you are interested in the words or want to know more about the Blake’s try this one.