February 15, 2008

Winter morning

I took this yesterday on my way to work. As the sun was just starting to touch the tops of the winter white trees.

With all the warm weather we have been having I am just itching to get the seeds out and start the garden. In a couple of weeks I will actually start some of the longer growing seeds, but for now I just have to contend myself with getting out the calendar, seed packs and a lovely green marker.

Mom and I are going to share a garden at her house as well as the one I will have at home. I am already thinking that in hers we will plant the pumpkins, some squash, hot peppers, onions, kohlrabi, lettuces, and tomatoes. Before that can happen I have to spend some time digging up the raspberry suckers and transplanting them to my yard. I have always thought that I wanted lots of berries in my yard. However, with the reading I have been doing on their care - prune some the first year, others the second, and, oh yes, got to build a trellis. Like that is going to happen. I am going to just go with the lazy farmer way - plant them and see what happens.

February 11, 2008

Newused Car

My poor old car, Bessie, was really getting worn out - the door did not close correctly, needed new upper and lower ball joints, the back hatch did not open, and the list goes on. I finally decided that I really needed a new car - a new to me car. I did the whole search the internet, read articles and get blown away by price thing.

What I discovered is that I wanted a Honda Element. They are better on gas then Bessie was, They have a ton of room inside, good accident rating, and the best part - after going to the nursery I can just sweep out the big clumps of dirt then take a hose and wash it out. Yes! the inside is a sealed vinyl that I can just hose it out! No more vacuuming for hours trying to get all the dirt and dog hair!

I have been lucky enough to find one! Right here in Boone. The long and short of the story is that I have some wonderful friends here who were looking to trade there 2004 Element in and I was lucky enough to get it! I am now the proud owner of an orange 2004 element.

I really need to name her...I have thought of punkin - to normal, OJ – unfortunately there is a person that carries that name that I just can't stand, Main squeeze - cute but to long, Matilda- Matty for short, hmm...Anyone have a suggestion?On another note.

On Sunday we had just a bit of wind up here...Gust up to 70MPH. I was lucky that no trees came down on my house - or the new element but the wind did tip over my composter. I have an older metal compost tumbler on a metal frame that was bunged with 3 bungees to 2 trees that the wind pushed sideways then tipped over. Luckily there was a large old grape vine that caught the tumbler before it went too far. I will have to wait till the weekend when I can get some friends over to help put the tumbler back up