December 27, 2007

Where does time go

Were does time go? A year ago Lovely sister #1 was pregnant, now I have a beautiful nephew. Sir is 4 , into being a girly girl and in looking after her new bro. Lovely sister #2 in back in a cold Kentuck, at least for now. And I am still loving my home and yard.

I do love the holidays but after spending weeks getting ready I just don't know what to do with myself. Ok, I will take down the holiday decorations, add to my Christmas card list for next year and... If I am really honest- I will kick back and read the great books I received for christmas, peruse the garden catalogs, watch sappy movies and do absolutely nothing.

My 4 legged family has grown in the last month. Smokey Joe has moved in permanently. He came over to visit (and to work on housebreaking), it is now permanently. I never thought I would have a poodle. He is a love bug, a bit dizzy, doesn't seem to understand why the cats won't play with him and has springs instead of legs. He has learned to sit, walk on a leash, and the housebreaking is about 95% - if is really cold or windy he has to be forced to go outside..and you have to watch or he will just run from one door to the other- then you will have a potty inside.

Charlie and Monty are taking Smokey Jos arrival in stride. Charlie has decided that Smokey is fair game for the bate and switch game (Smokey has a chewey- charlie starts squeaking a toy- smokey jumps up to see what charlie is doing - charlie drops toy, grabs chewey and runs). Monty does not seem to mind Smokey - unless Smokey is being overly hyper, barking and jumping and occasionally landing on Monty. The you see little Monty teeth and hear growls- I can't blame him, I would not like it either.