September 12, 2007

The ten laws of gardening.

1. Nothing ever looks like it does on the seed packet.
2. Your lawn is always slightly bigger than your desire to mow it.
3. Whichever garden tool you want is always at the back of the shed.
4. The only way to ensure rain, is to give the garden a good soaking.
5. Weeds grow at precisely the rate you pull them out.
6. Autumn follows summer, winter follows autumn, drought follows planting.
7. Evergreens go a funny shade of brown in the winter.
8. The only way to guarantee some colour all year round is to buy a garden gnome.
9. However bare the lawn, grass will appear in the cracks between the patio paving stones.
10. "Annuals" mean disappointment once a year.

Ah is so true.
I found these at which means that it is true on both hemispheres.

September 10, 2007

Cat nip dealer

I felt a bit like a drug dealer over the weekend. It is time to harvest the cat nip (mint) in moms yard, which I did on Friday by literally pulling up the whole plant and depositing it dirt and all in the back of my car. I thought it made the car smell nice (kinda sweet and earthly). Sir did not agree with me - with no uncertainty she said it was icky. By the time I got home on Friday I was not in the mood to deal with it so I left it in the car..Saturday I went to the farmers market, then ran around in town for awhile with these large plants in the back. Each time I saw a cop I just had to smile.

When I did get home I pulled the plants out of the car and set them on the kitchen floor on newspaper ( in an attempt to contain the dirt). It took only about 7 min for Indy, Moragan and Fiona to settle in for a good munch. If you have ever seen cats high on cat nip you know that they like to munch out then run around like crazy - or in Indy's case, roll around on the tan carpet leaving bits of black fur- then they sleep. Hummm. This somehow vaguely reminds me of ... things best left in the past.

Wonder if they cats were seeing the world this way...Yes,I did take it and no, it is not photoshoped at all. I will admit that I'm not sure what I did -I pointed the camera at a wooded lot (yes it was facing into the sun) and this is what I ended up with. Very Psychedelic.

September 4, 2007

Laborless day

We had great weather for Labor Day, which is also Sir's birthday this year. You only get to turn 4 once and she made the most of it! All the kids played in the creek, slid down the water slide and played pin the tail on the donkey. (Flopsy the goat is just glad they did not want to pin the tail on the goat!)

I know that we are still in a drought so I should feel guilty about watering my garden but I just can't seem to help myself. Each evening I go out, talk to the still green maters, and turn the water on. Now I don't water if we have had an afternoon shower (cross fingers and knock on wood) but I do go out to see if there is even a hint of red on the maters. I will give them another week or so then if they have not turned they will be fried.

On another note: Indy did something unusual for him- he brought in a chipmunk. Bringing in a chipmunk is not so unusual, what was is that it was still alive. Needless to say it got lose in the house and all 6 of my 4 legged companions felt the need to "help" get it out of the house. I decided to go out and weed while this was going on...All I could hear was an occasional squeal and bark. 10 min later out came Indy with his prize, who stalked off into the lower part of the yard to enjoy his meal in peace.