July 30, 2008

Here chick,chick, chicken...

With the raising cost of food, gas, and just about everything else I am thinking of getting some chickens. I love fresh eggs and love to watch hens. I also know that they are not that cheap.
I have been doing lots of "research". I know that I am zoned rural/ agricultural and that even though I technically live in a subdivision we have no POA.
This also means that I will have to build a coop and a good run, one that will withstand both little and big dogs. Little dogs- Charlie just loves to chase birds, especially the wild turkeys so undoubtedly he will want to worry the chickens. Big dogs - neighbor below has a big lab something. I have gone to Lowe's to price what I will need, I have looked on the web and at several books to get ideas for coops and I have been talking to everyone I know who has chickens.
Ok to be honest it will be next spring before I will have everything together- ie will have enough $$ for the coop materials- but I already have just the spot picked out in the yard.
While I have been doing my "research" I have come across some really great chicken websites, and news stories. If you want some really cute chicken stories check out Farmgirl_dk.

July 11, 2008

Rain drops keep falling on my head- Please!!

Looking at Rays weather I see that we have had 2+ inches of badly needed rain this month. It kinda feels like it did when I was little- beautiful in the am and showers in the afternoon. All this rain has been great for my veggies. The maters are coming along just fine and I will have my first zucchini this weekend! I also pulled my first red onions and letting them dry some. (I have read that this is what you do) This is the first year that I have actually grown full size ones, usually I just have the little green spring onions.

I have some of the most beautiful Lemon Balm this year. I also have it coming up all over my herb garden. I made the classic mistake of letting it go to seed last year. The upside of this is that I have many, many plants to give to friends, neighbors, acquaintances...

I'm adding this picture just because I like it.