June 8, 2009

Out of Touch

Well, I have been out of touch for awhile but around here spring and summer are just plain busy! Had to get the garden in, enlarge the fence around the house, try to keep up with the growing grass - well, at least try to get it cut between rain showers.

We are caught up on the rain - meaning they say we are out of the drought!! We had 8++ inches in May and so far this month we are over the 2 inch mark. This also means that we are lucky to have two days of sun in a row.

I have gone tomato wild this year. So far I have 21 including; yellow pear, Mr. Stripey (heritage), Mountain pride, Better boy, Roma, Cherokee purple (heritage), and German pink (heritage). I have about 1/2 determinate and 1/2 indeterminate. Hopefully we will have a great harvest and I can can some sauce. The sauce I canned last year tasted great and I just loved reaching into the cupboard, grabbing a jar, opening it and knowing that I did this.

While we were working on enlarging the fence (in the vain hope that Fergus, the escape artist, would say in) we found that we have some giant snails! These two seem to be racing to the top of the stump.

I won! I won!