February 6, 2009

In a winter wonderland

Doggies delight in a Winter Wonderland

We have had yet snow storm. This one left us with around 5 inches of fluffy white snow - and a wind chill below 0.

So of course I bundled myself and the doggies up and out we went. We went through the woods- checked on the places, I assume by the amount sniffing and peeing, that small critters live. We checked the mail. Then on down the road toward home.

Monty just tumbled Smokey and Smokey is on the rebound. Maybe I should say that Smokey is now out for revenge.

Here is a happy shot- Lacey and Fergus came running through. Then took off through the yard to check out the new house being built below us.

Monty has a mission and he has now taught Fergus and Lacey to help--- the mission is to pee on all of the construction workers car tires.

Little Bear is ready to go in.. and Charlie was already sitting on the porch by the door.