October 29, 2008

Old Man Winter has come aknocking at the door.

Local news headline "Winter weather ties record low temperature". We had our first dusting of snow yesterday, it was enough to close down school for the day but not much else. I do not mind cold weather - actually walking in a light snow is wonderful- but the winds that we have been getting are gusting up to 40 mph and are just a bit to brisk for me.

I am doing a series of photos of the back side of Grandfather Mountain - I have one from earlier fall with more color on the trees. So I decided to drive down the parkway on my way to work today and take one. I did think that there would be more snow left but..

I was not the only person who was out taking photos. There was another lady and I have to admit I had camera envy. Not that I know much about cameras but hers was bigger then mine.

October 24, 2008

Photo for friday

I took this a couple weeks ago- I call it toad home. I was playing on Picnik.com today using some of there gizmos and this is what I ended up with.

October 17, 2008

Fall Color

Each year I take a new photo of Grandfather Mountain. This year it is from the deck of a house on the other side of Foscoe. The colors were not peak yet but I do like the little bit of wispy mist.

My favorite way to view the fall colors is to stand in the middle of a forest and look up. With the sun shinning through the leaves it is like being inside a stained glass window.