April 6, 2009

Spring? Really? NOT!

Last weekend was absolutely gorgeous! The sun was shinning, the breeze was warm (after the gusting quit on Saturday), the clothes were slowly swaying in the sun on the line.

I took the crew out to Todd for a doggy play date. They were defiantly feeling the spring! You might think that having 9 little dogs would create all kinds of havoc but they all just get along so well. Siobhan and Smokey play zoom dogs –Fergus gets in on this sometimes if he is tired of running with Angus and Monty looking for deer. Charlie and Bear really just hang with the humans and BJ..well she was inside pouting because she had just had a bath.

I took both of these pretty flower pictures on Sunday. I love the orange daffy! I have no idea what the other little flower is but there were a ton of them growing in the woods. Can you see the leaves just starting to unfold?

And as they say ...An Appalachian spring does not really start until May…until then its all just a tease.

Today we are having snow flurries.